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What is ?

it's a simple tool to help you search faster and easier on ebay. We give you the best and most useful filters available, also you can search in your area by just typing your city name.

How to search ?

Searching on is quite simple, type your keywords in the search box and hit enter.

How do I Search in my City?

After searching your keywords you will see a box with a label "City name or zipcode", on ebay we have the option (which btw is very hard to find) to search for zicode. But come on, it's way much cool and faster to type your city name.

When searching in your city we will look for products in a radius of 75 miles, which means that cities near your area may appear, but don't worry, the results will be sorted by nearest to you :)

Also if you're in the results page you can click a result city name to filter your current keywords in that city.

What does Keep filters mean ?

Enabling this feature will let you mantain you current selected filters.

Let me give you a nice example:
1) You're looking to buy a new smartphone in your city, let's say you live in New York.
2) In your first search you type "samsung" and in the city filter New York.
3) Now you want to search for "iPhone", if you keep the option "Keep Filters" checked you will not need to select again your city or any other filter you've already selected.

It's always a pain to apply the same filters over and over again, this feature will make your life much easier.

Filter by seller

You can filter your current keywords by seller name if you click on a result list seller name