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What is finderone ?

finderone.com is a different and efficient way of searching and browsing the products advertised in ebay. We use ebay's api to retrive all data displayed, we provide smarter filters and an easy to use interface for our users searching for products on ebay and redirects them to ebay. finderone.com is not responsible for the interpretations of the contents, or for the misuse of them and their information services. finderone assumes no responsibility for the existence of products or services that violate ebay's policies, any law or judicial decision in force. The User will use the site knowing that the content belongs to Ebay, unless otherwise indicated in each case. If you want to buy or sell a product, you must do so for the time being directly through Ebay, whereby finderone will provide a direct link to the product in question for better integration with the service.


We reserve the right to periodically update and make improvements to the system to suit our needs and the ones found by users. This may occur at any time with or without public notice, this decision will depend on the impact of this modification.

Availability of service

We can not guarantee that the system will always be available, because as we depend on third parties for the operation of the service, this includes our hosting service that provides the infrastructure and also the ebay that provides us with the information in case any of them become unavailable our service may be affected directly.

External Links

Some of our links will take you to external sites. Such sites are not within our control, and we are not responsible for their content, behavior, existence or functionality.

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Last modified: 10/02/2018